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“Very strong staff and competencies.”

Application Management Services for G&G Upstream Oil & Gas

“Project management and delivery is first class.”

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Project & Technology Management Specialties

Whether you need custom apps for mobile, web or desktop, we help our clients build and upgrade custom software to automate business processes with a balance of technical and deep industry-specific expertise. You can utilize the power of the cloud to cut development costs substantially – find out how!

Many businesses deploy SharePoint with disappointing results, but our clients LOVE IT! Whether you move to the Office 365 cloud or stay “on prem,” we can help dazzle your users with custom intranets, forms & workflow solutions, records management, and collaboration solutions.

Whether you’ve got big data or small, fast data or slow, our business intelligence consulting services help our clients deliver data management & analytics solutions that break down departmental data silos and enable people go be more productive. Analytics from Tableau, TIBCO, and Microsoft Power BI provide the right tools for the solution you need.

Our application team helps you build a scalable IT strategy that fits your business data ecosystem and aligns with your company’s cloud initiatives and budget. We can help you take an application inventory to determine your needs, evaluate your vendor options, and help you develop a selection & implementation center of excellence for your users.

Entrance SOFTWARE Consultants Help companies Buy, Build, and Integrate
Software Apps That Deliver Better Business Results.

Custom Software Development, Sharepoint and BI Consulting

We see so many business users frustrated by the software they use at work.

The tools they need to do their jobs are either non-existent, old, or don’t work well, which ultimately leads to a negative impact on the business.

Our goal for every project is to enrich your work and improve your productivity with software apps that deliver better business results.

– Nate Richards, President

Why SharePoint

Companies of all sizes rely on SharePoint’s versatility as the foundation of their information sharing capability. Our SharePoint consulting services offer customization solutions that will help you take full advantage of everything this powerful tool has to offer.

Benefits of Sharepoint

With the help of our SharePoint consulting you’ll be able to manage company-wide documentation, improve collaboration, operate an intranet and much more. From full customization of the sharepoint software to your specific needs to helping with hosting solutions, we’ll get you set up in no time.

Sharepoint For Small Business

SharePoint isn’t just for big business. Smaller companies depend on it to manage their internal documentation and to promote collaboration. SharePoint consulting can help small business take advantage of all the robust features it has to offer without the headache of having to implement it.

Sharepoint For Project Management

SharePoint is used by project managers worldwide thanks to its powerfully centralized information storage capabilities. Our SharePoint consulting services can help your firm meet project delivery targets by implementing tailor-made solutions geared toward improving your workflow and document management.


The value of engaging Entrance for custom software consulting is that we take as much of the risk out of big software projects for our customers as possible. We finish our projects on time, on budget, and we make sure your users receive training and support.

We guide our clients to their best business decisions by keeping track of the ever-changing set of regulatory, financial, and strategic demands they face – delivering a set of custom software consulting services to meet each client’s unique needs. This creates a shorter learning curve, which allows us to spend more time producing results for your business users.

Before we begin to architect a custom software solution, we delve into the true business drivers for the technology. We execute the detailed work of designing and developing technical solutions with those business drivers in mind.

We specialize in surfacing the latest, most relevant information and data sources in an actionable format, which allows our clients to make the most informed decisions possible for their business. Each project we deliver incorporates some element of custom software development, which allows us to tailor a solution, whether you buy or build, to your needs.

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