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We love to eat at Entrance, and with all the foodies around, we decided to have a potluck Thanksgiving today! When the idea first started the rounds as an email, our SharePoint team went, “Oh no, we don’t want a thousand turducken jokes clogging our inboxes!” So before we were done laughing about various combinations of turf-critter, Matt, our quick-thinking military man had made a SharePoint Thanksgiving Potluck list.


Here’s our feast:

Thanksgiving at Entrance






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Nate Richards
Nate has over 18 years of software engineering and consulting experience. He founded Entrance in 2003. Nate is the past President of the Board of LifeHouse Houston, a Christ-centered maternity home ministry, and is past Executive committee member and Treasurer of Houston Achievement Place, a foster care and social skills training non-profit organization.
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