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How Should You Be Migrating to OneDrive for Business?

Microsoft is rolling out big improvements to the OneDrive Sync tool, and the experience of using OneDrive on the web is top-notch. Plus, each user gets essentially unlimited storage capacity. Time to get ready for migrating to OneDrive for Business, right?

Maybe not. Our friends at ShareGate explain why most content should not be moved to OneDrive, and why it might be better to just let individuals handle it. They’ve also put together this handy flow chart to help you decide about how you should be migrating to OneDrive for Business:

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Why You Should Not Migrate to OneDrive for Business

ShareGate is essentially saying that you shouldn’t migrate your network share to people’s MySites, but instead migrate them to SharePoint Document Libraries. I am of the same mind, however:

  1. Synching your Sharepoint Personal Docs (“MySite”) would replace the local “My Documents” folder mentality for personal working set documents. Unlike SharePoint or a Z drive, this content is shared by exception.
  2. Synching your SharePoint Document Libraries (“Team Sites”) can be done from Team Sites or O365 Groups, and though this content is shared as a rule, access can be restricted to the members of the group.

Both scenarios bring value of offline editing. As with all other facets of O365, It is not a question of “should I?” but “HOW should I?”

Benjamin Smith
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