n Reasons to Embrace Serverless Architectures in 2017

Serverless architecture is here, it’s been proven, and companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 are jumping on this rapidly evolving bandwagon. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, read this first and then come back so I can convince you why you should want this.

1 – Avoid Under-Utilization
This one should be obvious, but it is the primary reason serverless is my preferred design approach, so …Read More

Business Web Applications

What is Serverless Architecture?

The fundamental theme is to get servers out of the path of software development and focus on building features unique to your product or solution. However, there are several competing cloud providers and a rich marketplace of third-party services, so it can be difficult to navigate when trying to get started. There are also several tiers of serverless offerings, ranging from the DIY to the …Read More

Software Blog

How Lightweight, Low-Cost Tools Allow Small Businesses to Create and Market Custom Software

Our Engineering Manager, Kenny, recently wrote an explanatory article on a modern approach to software development that we’ve created that embraces open-source tools and services. This approach minimizes server footprint and licensing costs, spreads up-front costs over the life of the product, and ties expenses to product usage.
Kenny’s article explores the technology that makes all this possible. For this blog, I wanted to reflect on …Read More

The Entrance ‘What, Why?’ Series: React Edition

Welcome to the ‘What, Why?’ series hosted by Entrance. The goal of this series is to take different technologies and examine them from a technical perspective to give our readers a better understanding of what they have to offer. The web is filled with tons of resources on just about anything you could imagine, so it can be really challenging to filter out all of …Read More

4 Ways Engineering and Construction Firms Use Big Data

“Big Data” is one of those buzzwords you hear a lot in the tech world, but what does it mean for the engineering and construction world? As our business moves into the digital world, we’re amassing huge amounts of data: everything from reports, to GPS data, RFID …Read More


Taking the SharePoint Framework for a Test Drive, Part 1

The developer preview for SharePoint Framework was announced late last week, so I decided to work through the ramp-up tutorials and offer my initial impressions. I hope this will help you avoid a couple of stumbling blocks that I encountered and get you thinking about this new (and imo, very cool) way of approaching SharePoint customization.

If you’re not familiar with what the SharePoint Framework is, …Read More

Analytics PLatform for the Construction Industry

5 Reasons to Implement an Analytics Platform for Your Engineering & Construction Firm

Engineering and construction (E&C) projects require a lot of resources and generate massive amounts of data, but historically the E&C industry has lagged behind in comparison to other industries when it comes to embracing technology. Companies going against the grain to take advantage of big data and analytics are seeing significant results and gaining competitive advantage over their adversaries. Here are five reasons the engineering …Read More

Don't Panic - learn how to mitigate risk on software projects

5 Ways To Mitigate Risk on Software Projects (AKA – What To Do When Your Developer Gets Hit By A Truck… Literally)

I’ve been involved in a lot of development projects — I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. One of the scariest things that can happen in a software project is losing your developer for some unforeseen reason. This kind of thing happens even when you have a big team. Because they are typically highly visible, you definitely want to do as much as …Read More

Secrets to Client Happiness

5 Secrets to Client Happiness

There’s something exciting about a new business opportunity or new project, especially if you are in a client facing work environment.  The possibility of adding value through products and services and/or business relationships is exhilarating. However, maintaining client happiness and building a lasting working relationship can become a challenge when the project hits snags, or there are staffing changes.

As a business analyst, I often find myself …Read More

AFE Management for Upstream Oil & Gas

Using Dashboards and Exception Monitoring to Increase Production Efficiency

I recently attended a conference discussion about using dashboards and exception monitoring to increase production efficiency for production maintenance engineers by directing their attention where and when it is needed, while also including the appropriate diagnostic information for the situation. This allows for earlier detection of potential issues, in time for planned fixes rather than unplanned outages.

The classical dashboard model involves a high level overview with composite KPIs …Read More

Tableau Software logo

New Level of Detail Expressions in Tableau

Level of Detail expressions or LOD expressions help users to specify the dimensions used in a calculation without having to include them in the visualization. To showcase the new level of detail expressions in Tableau, we’ll be looking at a dataset containing records about a PC game called Heroes of the Storm.

Each game has a total of 10 players divided into 2 even teams. There can …Read More

Improving SharePoint User Adoption Email Course

We’ve launched a 7-day email course about improving SharePoint user adoption that teaches you how to build a SharePoint intranet site that people actually want to use.
Earlier this summer, my colleague, Ben Smith and I gave a webinar presentation on increasing SharePoint user adoption to improve the return on your SharePoint investment. Not everyone has time for a webinar, but you might have time for …Read More

Developing Tech Skills

Why Learning Tech Skills Made Me a Better Business Analyst

When I started my business analyst job here at Entrance, I quickly realized that the soft skills I’d developed in college weren’t going to cut it — simply being able to communicate just isn’t enough for a business analyst when it comes time to performing quality assurance testing on the software you’re building for a client. Though it wasn’t impossible, testing complicated scenarios coupled with the …Read More

K2 Logo

Three Things We Just Learned About K2 BlackPearl 4.7

This week, K2 held a partner webinar to go over some of the changes set to be released as part of BlackPearl 4.7. The release promises several positive changes focused on three main areas.
Package and Deployment
The P&D tool gets an overhaul with the goal of making you aware of changes that will break deployments well in advance. For instance, when changing a SmartObject, K2 will …Read More

How Should You Be Migrating to OneDrive for Business?

How Should You Be Migrating to OneDrive for Business?

Microsoft is rolling out big improvements to the OneDrive Sync tool, and the experience of using OneDrive on the web is top-notch. Plus, each user gets essentially unlimited storage capacity. Time to get ready for migrating to OneDrive for Business, right?

Maybe not. Our friends at ShareGate explain why most content should not be moved to OneDrive, and why it might be better to just let …Read More

.NET Framework 2.0

This is the End: .NET Framework 2.0 & Visual Studio 2005

.NET Framework 2.0 has been around for a decade but will be completely unsupported by Microsoft; the announced end of the extended support period is April 12, 2016.  In lock-step with the .NET Framework, the corresponding version of Microsoft’s development tool, Visual Studio 2005, is also at its end-of-life.

The end of “extended support” in Microsoft parlance means that the product is no longer maintained, including …Read More

It's the end of the road for SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 End-Of-Life: Where Do We Go from Here?

SQL Server 2005 has been around for over a decade but will shortly end its existence as a supported Microsoft database product. The end of extended support for SQL Server 2005 is April 12, 2016. The associated development tool, Visual Studio 2005, also goes off support at the same time.

The end of “extended support” in Microsoft parlance means that the product is no longer maintained, …Read More

How to Create User-Friendly Redirects in SharePoint Online

If you ever need to establish permanent redirects in SharePoint Online, there are several ways to go about it, but only one that produces a clean user experience.

This came up recently with a client who had a home site collection and a marketing site collection. We wanted to make sure that when user navigated to the home site collection, they automatically ended up in the …Read More

Unit Test for Software

How a Unit Test Can Save the Day

I had a time-sensitive fix to a calculation that needed to be applied to a complicated calculation for a highly complex application. We’re helping someone account for money that runs their business and the result gets exposed to clients and sent out on an invoice, so I had to ensure that my fix didn’t cause more bugs elsewhere, and ensure that the calculation is functioning …Read More