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The Windows 8 buzz just goes on and on, and you may be wondering, “Is this operating system even appropriate for an enterprise situation like mine?’

The answer is, maybe, depending on what you want to use it for. Here are four tips that you should consider from  a software architecture perspective:

  1. Don’t assume that just because Windows 8 is so different that it won’t work for you and your company. Have a few users within the company test it out for a while before you decide either way.
  2. Be very clear about what you want before you upgrade. Factors like information consumption versus creation in employee profiles, employees in the field and the cost of change management may affect your decision.
  3. Data entry is not a key strength of a tablet or mobile device. If this is a key function for a certain population within the company, consider sticking with a more traditional desktop environment for those employees.
  4. Windows 8 works very differently from any previous operating system. Make sure to give employees resources and time to learn how to use it once you do go ahead with implementation.

We are really excited about the way that Windows 8 merges modern user behavior, as it supports both a touchscreen interface and the data integration to back that activity up. Want to find out more about what the Windows 8 launch means for you and your business?

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Nate Richards
Nate has over 18 years of software engineering and consulting experience. He founded Entrance in 2003. Nate is the past President of the Board of LifeHouse Houston, a Christ-centered maternity home ministry, and is past Executive committee member and Treasurer of Houston Achievement Place, a foster care and social skills training non-profit organization.
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