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Completion refers to the work performed and the installation of permanent equipment for production of oil or gas from a recently drilled well.

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It is important to realize that there is a step that follows the drilling of a well before being able to extract hydrocarbons from the reservoir.  There’s a natural hierarchy of area/block/lease/well/completion, each of which can have a one-to-many relationship (for offshore drilling in the Gulf – onshore also follows the lease/well/completion portion).  Frequently, “completion” and “well” are used interchangeably, but this is not 100% accurate.  A well can be re-completed several times, and can even produce from multiple completions simultaneously.  While this is not common, it would be possible for a single well to be completed in different reservoirs at the same time.  After the drilling crew finishes and the rig is released, the completion crew comes in and makes the well ready for production.

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