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Overriding Royalty Interest (ORRI)

ORRI refers to a royalty in excess of the royalty provided in the oil & gas lease.  Usually an override is added during an intervening assignment.

How it’s important to us

Along with NRI and GWI, ORRIs will often appear on a single DOI record in a well.  ORRIs are created out of the working interest and do not affect mineral owners.  An overriding royalty interest is often kept or assigned to a geologist, landman, brokerage or any entity that was able to reserve an interest in the properties.  An ORRI may be sold as a means of raising capital.  It is a fractional, undivided interest with the right to participate or receive proceeds from the sale of oil and/or gas.  It is an interest in the proceeds or revenue from the oil & gas minerals sold.  ORRIs are not bound to carry their portion of development or operating costs.

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