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I recently presented at SharePoint Saturday in Atlanta with the topic, “Who Moved My SharePoint (to 2013),” where I shared with attendees some of things that business users need to know about upgrading to SharePoint 2013. I will presenting on this topic again at the Baton Rouge SQL Saturday/Tech Day, where I will be the only female SharePoint presenter!

While I covered a number of new features, I’ll stick with top four for this blog post:

1. Search

SharePoint 2013 now enables search that is more like Googling. The key ahead feature fills in likely words for you. It also shows you search terms and links that you have already searched for, since you’re more likely to want those again. In addition, you can also see the number of times a document has been viewed, and preview documents online without opening them.

2. Enhanced Efficiencies

We’ve mentioned this in a previous post about SharePoint 2013 functionality…users can now drag and drop files into any document library!

3. Access 2013

InfoPath was not updated at all for the release of SharePoint 2013, so it’s thought that Access 2013 Apps may be the replacement going forward.Access apps allow you to link to an existing Access database, Excel file or SharePoint list. Particularly if you have a list with more than 5000 items, Access apps are a great solution.

Access apps are easy to build within Access, and they can then be shared with other users in a web browser on SharePoint. Navigation and basic commands are built-in, so you can start using your app right away.

4. Social

We’ve covered some of the questions about how social and SharePoint 2013 will come together. Integration with Yammer is still on the way, but SharePoint now has some functionality similar to Twitter, with micro-blogging and hash-tags. You can also follow any document, site, or person in SharePoint.

Another cool collaboration feature is the team in-box. One person can drag a document to this location, and it is shared with everyone else automatically.

 For more on using SharePoint 2013’s features to improve productivity, see what one Entrance client is up to…

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