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Daily Drilling Reports

A daily drilling report is a twenty-four hour report of all key events that took place on a drilling rig.

How is it important to us?

The daily drilling report keeps office workers and all other parties concerned up-to-date on a well’s progress. It also provides the necessary information for evaluating field performance and improving decision making.

As technology advances (centralized databases, mobile devices, and the like), the reporting methods have evolved from a paper-based (using spreadsheets) and phone based process to an electronic one.

Nate Richards
Nate has over 18 years of software engineering and consulting experience. He founded Entrance in 2003. Nate is the past President of the Board of LifeHouse Houston, a Christ-centered maternity home ministry, and is past Executive committee member and Treasurer of Houston Achievement Place, a foster care and social skills training non-profit organization.
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