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What is Acidizing?

Acidizing is a well stimulation or rehabilitation method that consists of pumping acid (usually hydrochloric acide HCl) into the well to dissolve all materials preventing the permeability of the formation.

How is it important to us?

Acidizing can restore and improve the well productivity by creating new flow channels.

There are two main types of acidizing treatments related to  the pumping pressure and acid injection rate:

  • Matrix acidizing which is used to clean up formation damages caused by drilling, completion, and work-over fluids and solids. Acid is injected into the well at pressure below the fracture pressure;
  • Fracture acidizing (acid fracing) which is performed to enhance the well production. The reservoir is hydraulically fractured and then the fracture faces are enlarged by injecting acid at pressure above the fracture pressure.

Acidizing injection

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