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Get the complete picture with data management that brings departments together


Our client is one of the leading producers in the Eagle Ford shale in South Texas. They produce 28,000 barrels of oil a day and operate on thousands of leases. They are also currently moving into a large exploratory position in the Southern Alberta Basin in northwest Montana.


As an E&P company, the client collects massive amounts of data about every well they drill, from the SPUD date to the perforation date. This information was siloed amongst departments, and those in the land department, for example, had no access to the production department’s data. As a result, multiple versions of the truth were held across departments, and no one was operating with the best information available.


To fix this, Entrance started by documenting the client’s specific information architecture, which helped determine what the correct flow of information should be. The production department’s information system became the system of record for production volumes and well status.

Drilling’s systems host the authoritative information on SPUD dates, casing dates, perforation dates, rig release dates, fracture dates, and other time and volume related data. And the land department is responsible for information about provisions, both common clauses and more complicated custom provisions that large land tracts are known for.

What began as a complicated set of unformatted information that had no formal interaction has become an integrated system that provides only the highest quality information to those who need it. The speed of knowledge capture and information transfer between departments has been noted as one of the system’s largest value-adds to the client’s organization.

Get started on your company’s information siloes today.


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