We build & customize construction software to help manage your projects, personnel, and partnerships.


If you work at construction services company, the collective brainpower of your organization is probably off the charts. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should develop construction software in-house. Creating a streamlined application that is easy to use and scalable will save you trouble, time, and headache in the long-run, and requires a skill set that you can typically only find in a team of software engineers.

We’ve built the in-house skill set needed to design, develop and modernize applications built for construction  services firms. In fact, we specialize in construction software development, and have solved a wide range of complex engineering problems, including:

  • thermo-dynamic algorithm applications
  • geophysical data management
  • calculating optical throughput losses
  • pipeline failure analysis

We encapsulate your company’s proprietary algorithms, and turn them into a competitive advantage by putting that protected logic into customer portals, reporting systems, and more.

Let your engineers, project managers, and architects do what they do best. We can capture and use knowledge to create a productivity multiplier that will have your engineers working on new problems that haven’t yet been solved, while solutions for previous issues become automated.

Enginnering and Construction Software Solutions

Customized Software Tools

The construction business gets a bad rap for being slow to adopt new technologies, and many software tools out on the market don’t meet your firm’s exact needs. We can help you transform into a digital firm with built-to-order or customized field data capture, contract management, and equipment tracking software tools that utilize all the best features of mobile apps, RFID, desktop construction software, and web portal technologies. 

Getting your field personnel, project managers, clients, and subcontractors on the same digital tools can help your projects run smoothly, and create a huge advantage for you against your biggest competitors.

Collaboration & Content Management

Between all the architectural plans, schematics, reports, specifications, contracts, manuals, safety & testing standards, and other documents, the construction business has no shortage of content. Most of these documents pass through multiple hands before reaching their final destination. Can your project managers stay productive when they’re out on job sites, or do they have to bring all that paperwork back to the trailer or at the office first? 

We can help you implement and customize both cloud and on-prem productivity tools like Office 365, SharePoint, K2, NINTEX, and KnowledgeLake for digitalization, organization, storage, collaboration, and business process workflows so nothing falls through the cracks.

Data Management & Analytics

Application Management Services

Data Visualization & Analytics eBook


Ebook explaining how using intuitive real-time dashboards can take the guesswork out of cost control on major construction projects.

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