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New Consulting Subscription Service for Software

Houston-based software consultancy to offer monthly consulting subscription plan

HOUSTON/DALLAS/DENVER – Entrance Consulting has announced Entrance As A Service, a monthly subscription to the firm’s entire team of software consultants. The new subscription plan includes a block of on-demand time to work on any type of software or data initiative with any of Entrance’s software experts.

Unlike traditional consulting models that involve hiring a specific short-term contractor or long-term project team, the subscription model allows small IT teams to pick and choose from a broader range of skills for multiple projects at a predictable, fixed monthly rate. This works well for teams that have a backlog of tasks and requests for software purchases, updates, upgrades, and customizations. Managing many of these small, medium, and large IT initiatives would typically require a much larger IT department.

“Many of our clients work in understaffed or even one-man IT departments, and experience a steady flow of ad hoc requests for new software, upgrades, and customizations. Because small teams lack bandwidth and sometimes have skill gaps, this work gets pushed aside for more urgent technology issues. Eventually, the business users lose faith in the IT department,” says Entrance President Nate Richards. “Entrance As A Service is designed to give IT teams access to the work capacity they need with a fixed monthly cost model. Having plannable costs and a reliable, trained, professional to fill in the gaps is an invaluable asset.”

The subscription also includes maintaining an ongoing list of projects, working with the IT team and the business to prioritize the list, status reporting, software performance testing, code review and bug testing, documentation, and refactoring. Larger plans also include annual strategic planning, 3-month alignment meetings, monthly status updates, and on-site or webinar user training. The firm offers all not-for-profit organizations a 15% discount on pricing.

Entrance software consultants, programmers, engineers, and analysts have worked on hundreds of custom software, web development, and mobile application projects for businesses across North America. The firm’s client portfolio includes mid-market and enterprise-level businesses in oil and gas, utilities, technology, manufacturing, construction, education, and healthcare.

WellDrive, LLC was the first Entrance As A Service client transitioned to the new subscription service primarily to support the redevelopment of their flagship application, a secure, web-based technology for uploading and sharing files during the drilling and completion of crude and natural gas wells. Transitioning to the Entrance As A Service model allows WellDrive to move to a new tier at any time based on budget availability and to utilize Entrance developers rather than sinking overhead into new hires during an uncertain oil and gas economic environment.

The flexibility of the subscription model allows Ed Gibler, President of WellDrive to make adjustments to the project on the fly. “You don’t do a project without hiccups, and an open-ended timeframe allows you to accommodate those,” Gibler says.


Entrance ( helps businesses buy, build, integrate, and customize software. We’re a company of intellectuals in the business of making software better, and we strongly believe that technology can transform your big challenges into drivers for informed, strategic decisions.

Entrance brings together consulting expertise in application development, data management, integration, and software advisory services to provide complete end-to-end digital solutions for your biggest business challenges. Our software consultants are experts in desktop, mobile, and web development as well as Microsoft technologies and industry-specific applications. We’ve delivered high quality software consulting on hundreds of projects to clients across multiple industries.

It has been our mission since 2003 to  take as much of the risk as possible out of large software projects by providing complete transparency into the project, offering no-surprises billing, and a written guarantee behind every promise we make.

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Kristen R. Ortwerth

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