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Custom Software: Game Changers for Oil & Gas Service

Custom Software for Service Companies

In the oil and gas industry, every company has a different need for custom software. Every business faces unique issues that can only be addressed by custom software.

Custom software: Oil and Gas Service Companies

Custom software applications can provide oil and gas companies with a variety of benefits, including:

  • More effective inventory tracking
  • Automation of repetitive and error-prone tasks
  • Easier access to information

More effective inventory tracking

It’s no secret that equipment used in the oil and gas industry is expensive. Knowing how much is spent on equipment and how effectively equipment is being utilized can be a key factor in determining profitability.

One major equipment rental company was able to use a custom inventory tracking application to make sure that they weren’t paying for more equipment than their customers could use.

In addition, the company used the application to provide inventory tracking services to their customers, so that the customers could plan ahead to make sure they were renting the right amount of equipment. The customer-facing portion of the application became a key differentiator for the company by providing value to its customers.

Automation of repetitive and error-prone tasks

Any software solution that requires just as much work to complete a task as it would to do the task manually is an example of bad software. Effective custom software solutions can automate repetitive tasks like copying and pasting or exporting data, decreasing the amount of work that employees must perform.

Automating repetitive tasks makes employees more productive, and decreases the likelihood of human error.

Easier access to information

In the oil and gas industry, having access to the right information at the right time is key. One company that specializes in pipeline logistics needed a solution that could provide needed information in the event of a pipeline accident.

If this were to occur, the company’s customers would need access to information on the history of individual pipes, and finding this information was very time consuming for the company. They used custom software to provide easy access to this information, helping them become more efficient and provide a better experience for their customers.

No matter what challenges a service company is facing, a custom software solution can probably be developed to overcome them.

For help assessing how to evaluate what software solution would fit your business’s needs, check out our series on software selection.

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