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Dear SharePoint Intranet: You Saved My Company From Ransomware Hacks

To date, SharePoint intranet online deployments have risen by a whopping 167%. And, for good reason.

In the age of digital transformation and a $220 billion SaaS market, there’s an 800-pound gorilla sitting in the corner of the room. His name is cybersecurity. To date, 62% of businesses have experienced a phishing or ransomware attack. Meanwhile, 68% of business leaders believe that the ransomware threat is growing. On average, the cost of resolving one of these ransomware attacks is $133,000.

To add to the challenge, the COVID-19 crisis accelerated the move to remote working. In 2018, roughly 3.4% of the workforce was remote. Today, 89% of businesses have at least some of their workers working remotely, while 77% have their entire workforce in remote ecosystems.

Suddenly, businesses (and their IT teams) had to navigate a hybrid IT landscape. Meanwhile, previously reliant on-premise network policies proved inadequate in the face of new demands. Many businesses didn’t have a scalable network architecture that could accommodate remote access. They also lacked a strong intranet security strategy to prevent ransomware attacks. So, what’s the solution?

With a cybersecurity breach every 39 seconds, how do you build a secure network that can withstand the barrage?

The answer is simple: SharePoint.

Your Business Is a Target

Here’s the truth: hackers continually target your business — whether you know it or not. While there are industries attackers target more than others (usually due to lax security standards), no business is immune from their reach.

  • 43% of breach victims are small and medium-sized businesses.
  • 21% of sensitive files in the manufacturing and financial services industries are exposed.
  • 15% of security breaches occur in the healthcare sector.
  • Supply chain attacks are up 78%.
  • Over one-quarter of law firms have experienced a cybersecurity breach.
  • One in eight retailers experienced a cybersecurity attack in 2019.

The list goes on. There isn’t an industry or sector that’s not on the radar of threat actors. Instead of focusing on mitigation alone, you need to focus on strengthening your defenses. And, when it comes to network security, many businesses trust the world’s most highly tested and proven solution — Microsoft SharePoint.

Bolstering Your Security With a SharePoint Intranet Solution

Intranets are secure portals that allow employees in your company to share content internally (hence, “intra”). For most businesses, intranets are a regular part of their collaborative workflows. You need a way to spark meaningful collaboration and engagement internally, and you certainly need ways to rapidly share and access content.

Here’s the problem: intranets are ripe hunting grounds for threat actors. Think about it. If threat actors get access to your intranet, they get all the spoils.

Luckily, SharePoint has some handy-dandy warlords of security ready to stand their ground in the case of a security event. Not only does SharePoint offer on-premise intranet capabilities, but it also offers online capabilities for the remote landscape. Here are some of the SharePoint features that help make it one of the world’s most secure intranet solutions.

  • Multi-factor Authentication: Want to know what 99.9% of compromised accounts have in common? They don’t use multi-factor authentication. Microsoft lets you set up 2FA across your SharePoint intranet.
  • Permission Levels: SharePoint also lets you set up permission levels across your SharePoint architecture. Microsoft recommends using least-privilege principles (i.e., only give users that absolute minimum permission levels necessary to complete their role).
  • Security Groups: You can also set up security groups in SharePoint to get more granular control over policies.
  • Security Trimming: Along with permission levels, security trimming keeps unwanted eyes from accessing critical documents and data.

But, here’s the thing: default SharePoint security may not be enough. You may need a custom SharePoint environment to secure your entire network architecture.

Do You Need a Hyper-Secure SharePoint Intranet?

At Entrance, we can help you build a best-in-class SharePoint intranet portal for your employees. Your intranet also integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft solutions like Power Automate and Power BI. So, whether you need a scalable on-premise network architecture or remote intranet castle, we offer scalable, flexible, and secure SharePoint solutions. Contact us today to learn how you can improve your defenses and protect your business from ransomware hacks.

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