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SharePoint 2013: Three Ways to Improve Efficiency

SharePoint 2013 and Your Workflow

We’ve already discussed some of the benefits of using SharePoint 2013 in previous blog posts. Oil and gas businesses can drastically increase production and profits by using SharePoint to organize and disseminate information.

Consultants presenting on SharePoint 2013Once you have your information loaded into SharePoint, it won’t do you any good if you can’t find what you need when you need it. At SharePoint Saturday in Dallas this year, I presented with SharePoint Consultant Theresa on some of the ways that businesses can accomplish this.

SharePoint 2013 has added some features and upgrades to help you sort and find the information you need quickly. You can also share information with your employees, vendors and other parties with a simple click of a button. Here are three new additions that you can start using today:

Office Web Apps

SharePoint 2013 has upgraded Web Apps that can be used within and outside of SharePoint. These apps allow you to track changes and leave comments on documents and sites. You can also allow co-authoring of sites and files, as well as embed links and other features.

You can also share information from SharePoint to other users outside of SharePoint, making information easily accessible to all users, regardless of whether they work within your company or are a third-party user.


SharePoint 2013 makes it easy to share information with employees and other users outside of your company. SharePoint 2013 gives users the ability to add permissions for other users to share and use information.

You can share a site, a library or lists with other users of your choosing. Users can also request permissions to access information that you own; you have the choice of approving or declining the request.

Newsfeeds & Other Networking

SharePoint 2013 has several new features that allow you to do more in less time and quickly connect with other users. You can easily create news-feeds that allow you to see updates and stay up on the latest changes to.

SharePoint now has a micro-blogging feature that allows you to share information informally and keep everyone updated. There is also a feature similar to Twitter that allows you to post status updates and use hash tags to organize information.

You can follow other users and follow documents so you can keep up with the latest changes. SharePoint 2013 also has a new feature that allows users to set up a Team Inbox.

Want to share something with everyone on your team? Drag files and documents to the inbox to share with all members. This allows you to keep pertinent information together where everyone can find what they need and make decisions quickly.

SharePoint 2013 is constantly releasing upgrades and new features that make it increasingly less complicated to use. Everyone can access information and use files in SharePoint, whether they are a computer expert or brand new to computer use. S

harePoint 2013 will allow you to increase employee productivity and in turn increase the productivity of your business. If you haven’t started using SharePoint, get in touch with your SharePoint consulting expert today to get yourself and your employees on board.

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