Is the Engineering & Construction
Industry Embracing Technology
in the Field?

This is an industry with a ton of field personnel outside the office, where almost all incidents, note-taking, forms, and reports are filled out on paper, by hand.

Most of these job site personnel have smartphones in their pockets, so how is the industry adapting to take advantage of new advances in workplace technology?

There are 4 Key Areas Where The Engineering & Construction Industry Could Benefit Most:

There Are


Software Platforms Available to Help With Field Data Capture and Services Management


Despite the many software solutions out there, most companies have field personnel gathering information manually on paper forms, then transporting the paper forms back to the office or site trailer, where the information is then keyed into a spreadsheet.

Field Personnel Still Using Paper Forms

Field Personnel Keying Information Into Spreadsheets

Automatically track billable hours without the need for manual time sheets

Send information from the field to the office in real time

Reduce lag time to invoice clients

Leading Firms are Looking to Invest in Technology

Large and Mid-Sized Engineering & Construction firms need to climb on board the tech train soon.
Several firms are leading the way with technology adoption in the industry. They will continue to embrace it as they outpace their peers, and often use this technology as a way to differentiate their services on project bids.

Mobile Device Usage is on the Rise

More and more engineering & construction firms are providing mobile devices to conduct work on the field.







Is Mobility a “Must Have” Priority?

Engineering & Construction firms were asked if mobile capabilities was an important factor in fulfilling their daily operations.


Very Important




Not Important

Better Data Accessibility

If an Internet connection is lost anywhere, your field employees’ notes will be saved and connected as soon as there is an Internet connection available again

Cloud Adoption Among Engineering & Construction Firms is Increasing


59% of engineering & construction firms use or plan to use the cloud this year


63% of engineering & construction firms said the main reason they use or plan to use the cloud is for the ability to access information anytime and anywhere

Engineering & Construction firms are using data visualization to improve project estimation and cost tracking.

Project Estimation

Create reports on construction operations in real-time
Make Well Informed Decisions

Cost Tracking

Give clear indication of delays in projects
Pin point the reason behind delays

Engineering & Construction firms face some challenges when it comes to adopting new technology.


Don’t have a budget


Lack staff to support the technology


Face management hesitance


Lack knowledge on new technologies available

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