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Entrance Software Consulting Team Celebrates 10 Years

Happy Birthday to Entrance

On December 16th, the Entrance software consulting team will be celebrating ten years of business. During that time, the company has moved to progressively larger offices, shifted focus to serving the oil and gas industry, and grown to be 60 plus people.

Entrance started out with only a couple of employees and a few solid energy contracts. The company has grown from there based on prudent leadership, a clear focus on customer service, and a deep hands on understanding of what makes oil and gas software different.

Remarked Entrance president Nate, “Growing Entrance has always been a labor of love for me. I wouldn’t have chosen to do anything else.”

Growing Up to Become an Energy Leader

As Entrance has grown as a company, it has become clear to the leadership team that the energy industry is under-served in their access to software that fits their needs and is well integrated. As a result, we have made it our mission to become the global authority on software for the energy industry.

Celebrating in Style

The team at Entrance knows how to celebrate. Every month, we host happy hours, team lunches, and more. A ten year anniversary calls for something special, however. Honored guests, partners, clients, and Entranceans themselves will take part in a party at the Petroleum Club to mark this exciting milestone.

Said Entrance’s director of consulting Chad, “We think this is a fitting location to celebrate how we have grown into our oil and gas software consulting role.”

Head of HR, Amy, had this to say, “We’re all particularly excited about the performance by Molly and the Ringwalds. I’ll probably leave my neon scrunchie at home, but we’ll be ready to get our smart + fun on to the 80’s.”

For more on our energy expertise, check out our oil and gas software blog, or keep up on our oil and gas word of the day series!

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