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We’re gearing up for another engaging, entertaining and actionable conference in 2012 and gathering the secret thing that makes Business of Software amazing – brilliant people who want to share ideas about growing long term sustainable software businesses. This year’s conference will be held at the InterContinental in beautiful Boston.

First talk starts at 9.00 am on Monday 1st October. The conference will finish at 13.00 on Wednesday 3rd October.

The conference will end at lunchtime on the final day.

What is Business of Software all about? 
Some people call it, ‘TED for Software’.
We love TED and while some of the sentiment TED has around sharing great ideas is totally aligned with their ideals, Business of Software is very different for two principle reasons: all our talks focus on an important element of growing a software business; our speakers have the time to explain their ideas in proper detail and answer questions the participants might have.

Someone called it ‘Woodstock for geeks’.
We like the caring, sharing, listening, laughing community aspect of that but are probably less keen on the make-shift lavatory, drug-taking, free-love parts. We did however have a really cool house band last year and we do hang out in bars sometimes. Don’t come if you want to get drunk at a frat house pool party for 3 days, your wasting your money and won’t contribute.

So what do we think it is about?
Business of Software is a safe haven for ISVs who want to talk, listen and learn from each other about growing long-term, sustainable, profitable software businesses. Our attendees run growth businesses and entrepreneurial business units in companies that work in all types of organizations – through enterprise software, web, mobile, SaaS – from around the world. (Half of last year’s participants were from outside the USA).


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