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Lunch Seminar: Using Spotfire to Drive Agile Portfolio Mgmt

If the recent dip in oil prices is any indicator, high price volatility and geopolitical uncertainty drives the need for more agile business practices. Portfolio decisions that might be “optimum” for your company at $90/bbl can bankrupt you when prices drop below $50/bbl. You need a greater variety of portfolio strategies and the ability to make faster, better decisions that perform well across a range of price environments so that you can adapt to accelerating changes in the market.

Agile Portfolio Management is a rapid-cycle process that utilizes the TIBCO Spotfire Visualization tool to apply constraints and goals to potential portfolios so managers can collaborate, debate, and negotiate trade-offs between KPI and budget constraints. Instead of creating a single “optimum” portfolio, Agile Portfolio Management deploys portfolio strategies and decisions that perform well on a variety of KPIs while controlling risk across a range of prices, budgets, and market conditions.

Register now to join Dr. Stephen Rasey, Geoscientist and Business Intelligence Architect, and Nate Richards, President of Entrance, a for a lunch seminar where they will demonstrate an Agile Portfolio Management process that utilizes the powerful visualization capabilities of TIBCO Spotfire.

This luncheon will cover the following:

  • Key benefits of Agile Portfolio Analysis with a focus on robust portfolio strategies and decisions.
  • Optimize cycle times despite a much greater volume of data, goals, and KPIs to analyze.
  • Facilitate manager collaboration around the trade-offs with different strategies, goals, and resource constraints.
  • Evaluate the impact of new or changing opportunities on your decisions.
  • Frac Your Data: Produce Insight by visualizing your portfolio possibilities.

This event is complimentary to petroleum industry professionals, but we ask that you RSVP so that we may plan for food and seating.

Dr. Stephen Rasey
Dr. Stephen Rasey

Dr. Stephen Rasey
Geoscientist and Business Intelligence Architect

Dr. Rasey is an international petroleum geoscientist and economist with 34 years in exploration prospect generation, risk and volumetric uncertainty analysis, economic evaluation, portfolio management, and software development in the petroleum business.

Nate Richards
President of Entrance

Nate Richards
Nate Richards

Nate has over 18 years of software engineering and consulting experience. He founded Entrance in 2003 after working as a software applications manager for Spinnaker Exploration prior to its acquisition by Norsk Hydro. Nate and his team provide software development and consulting to upstream companies such as Statoil, Shell, Petrobras USA, Oxy, Murphy Oil, Freeport McMoran, Energy XXI, Castex Energy, Talos Energy, Black Elk Energy and many others. In addition, Entrance serves the technology and business consulting needs of Midstream, Downstream and Services segments of the energy value chain.

About Entrance

Entrance designs and builds insightful software solutions that unlock the value of information assets. We provide business and software consulting services to the entire energy value chain to connect decision makers with actionable information.The exponential growth of data production in both conventional and unconventional assets necessitates new approaches to how people filter and consume information to make the best decisions. Our intelligent systems engineering approach, oil and gas industry expertise, and ability to execute create value and mitigate risks for our clients.

We believe that information is an oil and gas firm’s largest untapped resource. There is no one size fits all solution, so Entrance always starts projects by examining a specific client’s needs and then utilizing the technology that meets that need best.

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