Avoiding Price Wars with a Better
Oilfield Services Portal

With oil prices at a five-year low, most E&P companies made deep cuts to 2015-2016 CAPEX and OPEX budgets. These budget reductions drastically dropped U.S. rig counts, making an already competitive oilfield services environment even tougher.

How can you maintain your book of business? What can you do to gain share in such a tight fiscal environment without dropping prices so low that you put yourself out of business? Two companies are avoiding the oilfield services price war with better customer portals.

In a market full of customers looking to drive down costs, this is an opportunity for your to differentiate yourself from your competitors by creating a better oilfield services portal for your customers. Increase your own internal efficiency to reduce your overhead, and attract/keep customers by offering them a service that your competitors don’t have. Building or updating your customer portal is a fast and easy way to do that.

Eliminating idle worker time, and improving supply chain inefficiencies can reduce drilling costs by >15%. By providing greater project transparency and sustainable cost savings, you avoid competing on price.

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