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How Custom Web Apps Are Transforming Charter School Education

It’s 2020: will custom web apps and other disruptive technologies be a gamechanger for schools? As we strive to jumpstart student success in the new decade, charter schools are shattering expectations in the education landscape. Studies show that graduation rates at charter schools are seven to 11 % higher than at public schools within the same districts.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the number of charter schools in the United States has increased from approximately 2,000 to 7,200. In addition, the percentage of students enrolled in charter schools has risen from one to six percent. What is the secret of their success? Experts agree that, when charter schools leverage the right technologies, they provide a viable learning environment for students. Below, we look at how charter schools are forging a path forward with custom web apps.

Charter Schools in the Educational Sphere

What makes a charter school such a compelling option? A 2015 study conducted by Stanford University found that 43% of urban charters outperformed local public schools in math. In addition, 38% of urban charters outperformed their public counterparts in reading. There are several factors contributing to these results:

  • Charter schools enjoy a higher level of autonomy in curriculum choice, classroom structure, and teacher recruitment.
  • They offer parents more educational options. For example, some charter schools focus on providing a STEM education. Meanwhile, others offer a combination of art and science programs.
  • Charter schools are subject to a high level of accountability. They must comply with all state and federal public education laws and produce good results in student academic achievement.

Factors like these have helped charter school students outperform their public counterparts by 81% in the middle grades. With their sudden surge in popularity, however, chartered schools are facing increased competition from both public and private institutions. The way forward? Leveraging custom web apps to streamline their operations.

How Web Apps Help Facilitate Charter School Success

A cutting-edge approach to learning requires access to the newest technologies. At its heart, a charter school focuses on delivering customized solutions to meet diverse student needs. Often, charter school administrators turn to custom web apps to provide a personalized classroom experience.

Web apps fit perfectly into the charter school infrastructure. A web app solution can be tailored according to the unique needs of each student. The application can be designed to include data aggregation from administrative, staff, and student sources, giving leadership a bird’s eye view of the school’s operations.

That said, personal information is always of concern regardless of where your child goes to school. Custom web apps are designed with student security in mind. Perhaps, most meaningful in terms of the charter school environment is the adaptability of custom web applications. A custom-made solution that features AI and machine learning can help your charter school stay agile and allow it to calibrate operations in response to changing market conditions.

Web Apps and Their Practical Applications

Specifically, web apps allow charter schools to stay competitive in the education sphere. But, how do charter schools put that technology to use?

Through Ed-Fi technologies, charter schools can avoid challenges such as data fragmentation and data silos. Public and charter schools use a wide range of software during the course of the school year. They also accumulate information in disparate databases and learning management systems.

Ed-Fi standards help unify communication between software formats, giving staff an integrated view of all education data. Essentially, custom web apps help charter schools understand the evolving needs of their students and tailor educational programs accordingly.

Custom Web Apps Through Entrance

Over the past two decades, charter schools have experienced an incredible level of growth. They offer a viable alternative to families that want choices for their children’s education.

However, charter schools face unique operational challenges that require customized solutions. Entrance has a wide range of experience in creating custom-made software solutions for the charter school industry. For more information, contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our expert software architects.

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