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Improved Timesheet Reporting with One Simple Fix

One of our most successful projects is for a client called TG Mercer. We created a pipeline logistics system for them that automates the tracking and management of their inventory for its entire lifecycle. Entrance recently released an update to TG Mercer to improve their reporting capabilities through improvements to their timesheet process.

TG Mercer has employees working across the globe, in a number of different time zones. As managers reviewed reports, employees clock-in and clock-out times were logged either as Central Standard Time, or the timezone the managers themselves were working in. Depending on the time zone, employees could look like they were clocking in a whole day later or earlier. In addition, it resulted in some rather bizarre clock-in times, for example 1:00 am instead of 8:00 am.

To solve this, Entrance created new tables based on time zone and each location was assigned to the correct one. Each employee’s timesheet is then tagged to a specific location and timezone.

Now, TG Mercer’s reports are correct and display actionable business intelligence that makes sense, in addition to eliminating the need to manually calculate the correct time for each employee. For a large multi-national employer like TG Mercer, this is a valuable improvement.

For more on how oil and gas software can improve logistics and save money, watch this movie about TG Mercer!


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