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Meet our new ScrumMasters!

Entrance adds new certified ScrumMasters to its software project management arsenal

Carol Donnelly - Senior Manager, SharePoint


“Instead of focusing on the technical design minutia, scrum shifts our design to Who, What and Why of a solution. More emphasis and value will be placed on the individual team members and our communication with our client. We will be able to respond to change in requirements quickly rather than STUCK following a plan. We will focus on delivering working software components that are both tested and documented every sprint allowing our clientele to see their design come to life and make course corrections based on using the software they are buying, versus hashing out a comprehensive design document that often gets left in the bin or is so riddled with change requests it is no longer the envisioned solution.”
Carol Donnelly – Senior Manager, SharePoint

Brad Harris - Senior Manager, Oil and Gas Software

“ScrumMaster training gave us an opportunity to see how a development team can operate effectively, even in a fast-paced environment with changing requirements.  It gave us a focus on how to interact with client product owners, as well as how to effectively estimate and prioritize features to continually release working software.”
Brad Harris – Senior Manager, Oil and Gas Software

Eric Carlson - Senior Manager, Engineering Software Development

“Implementing the Agile development model has already improved both delivery and client communication for my projects that matched the technique. I look forward to continuing to see more of my customers reap the benefits that Scrum brings to visibility and continuous delivery.”
Eric Carlson – Senior Manager, Engineering Software Development

Patrick Leong - Software Architect

“Many organizations takes bits and pieces of Scrum (e.g. daily standup) and claim they know Scrum, without knowing its true spirit and principle. Attending ScrumMaster training reinforce the correct principle: it is not just about methodology, but about how an organization can adapt the fast-paced changing nature of technology to achieve success.”
Patrick Leong – Software Architect

Timothy Brehm - Software Consultant

“Scrum focuses on getting clients the maximum amount of value in the minimum amount of time.  Using these techniques, we’ll be able to get working products in front of clients faster and agilely target their needs in bursts of incremental improvements.”
Timothy Brehm – Software Consultant

Matthew Pearson - SharePoint Consultant

“I am motivated by how the Scrum process is able to achieve ROI much more quickly than the classic waterfall approach, which we can use as a competitive advantage.”
Matthew Pearson – SharePoint Consultant

Kenny McGarvey - Software Consultant

“I was already a fan of kanban taskboards before this certification, and am now excited about guiding prioritization and agile task management for projects that need to respond quickly to a changing client environment.”
Kenny McGarvey – Software Consultant

Entrance makes it a big priority to keep our consultants trained and up to date. Find out more about our process for hiring the best and keeping them that way here.

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