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Microsoft Forms: Your New Best Friend for Quizzes & Surveys

Microsoft Forms, the lightweight online survey creation tool that is part of the Office 365 suite of applicationsenables users to build custom surveys, forms, quizzes, etc. that can be distributed to collect feedback.  

The volume and types of information you can capture is almost limitless. Whether you are a college professor administering a quiz that is auto-graded upon completion, an office manager who is collecting sizes for company-branded t-shirts for employees, or a business owner requesting feedback from customers on the service they received, Forms offers a multitude of options and customizations to tailor your designs to your specific need.  

Forms even offers advanced capabilities such as branching which allows the entered response to determine the next question, and will even offer suggestions for answer options and questions based on your existing input. 

Surveys created in Forms can be distributed within your organization as well as externally (albeit with a few exceptions.) Surveys created for external recipients are restricted from file upload responses, and while responses from external recipients can only be collected anonymously, adding a required contact information question can serve as a workaround.  

Forms provides an overview of responses submitted, with simple analytics for each question such as a pie chart for radio button selections, an average for ratings responses, and the latest response for text entries, making it quick and simple to see results. Forms also provides the average time it took recipients to complete the survey as another helpful metric. Responses can also be exported to Excel for additional analysis. 

Take your surveys to the next level by integrating with Power Automate, Microsoft’s automated workflow tool, to streamline actions and outcomes surrounding distribution and response collection of your surveys. Expand your response reporting capabilities with the integration of Microsoft Forms Pro and Power BI. Your data can be translated into dashboards to unlock additional insights and analyze and determine trends.   

Most importantly, Microsoft Forms is simple to use, with no coding experienced required. With a WYSIWYG-style designer, you can create mobile-responsive surveys in little to no time that can shared by email, accessed by link or QR code, or even embedded in your website or within Sway, Microsoft’s storytelling and presentation application. Surveys can also be saved and shared as a template so that your survey can be reused as often as you’d like without having to recreate it from scratch. 

Whether you are a teacher needing to poll parents’ interest in being a field trip chaperone, an HR director looking to measure employee satisfaction, or a small-business owner interested in your Net Promoter Score, Microsoft Forms can empower you to build surveys to collect the feedback you need.   

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