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Rapid expansion of touchscreen-enabled notebooks could be good for Windows 8

A research firm focused on the display supply chain, NPD DisplaySearch, recently predicted “a rapid expansion of the touchscreen-enabled notebooks over the course of the year. Last year, the company estimates that touchscreens were present on only 3 percent of notebooks sold, but it expects this number to grow to more than 12 percent during the course of 2013.”  And the growth of touch can only be good for Windows 8.

We’ve discussed in the last few weeks how Microsoft is struggling to effect transformational change with Windows 8. While uptake has been low so far, an article in ZD Net highlights that, “the primary reason for the growth is being put down to the new notebook form factors that Windows 8, with its focus on touch, has given rise to.”

So what will make the difference in people purchasing touchscreen-enabled notebooks? Another commentator on ZD Net says price may make all the difference. “New Windows-powered devices such as tablets, ultrabooks and convertibles don’t seem to have done much to reinvigorate sales, but cheaper hardware may be the secret sauce that Windows 8 has been waiting for.”

Josh_avatarFor more on Windows 8 and what it may take to make this new product a widespread success, check out a post from Josh who provides Windows 8 consulting at Entrance.

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