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Sharepoint 2010 the Basepoint for Kodak’s New Product

Kodak recently announced a scanning and workflow product that is based in Sharepoint 2010, called Info Activate Solution. According to their release, the product will help businesses with paper intensive operations quickly convert that paper to a digital format. And because the back end is based on Sharepoint, anyone already using the tool will be able to leverage their existing investments.

“KODAK Info Activate Solution helps businesses eliminate the black hole of costs, time and resources associated with entering information from paper documents into SharePoint,” said Michael Frawley, CEO, Edge Digital Group. “What used to require customer investment throughout the year in specialized training for different technologies and tasks is now provided from a single solution that most users can learn within minutes.”

Kodak has had its financial struggles in the past few years, so modernizing their software to include a faster workflow and Sharepoint seems like a smart approach.

Entrance has years of experience ensuring the capture of information, and the translation of that information into action via intelligent SharePoint consulting and custom implementations. We have extensive experience ensuring that paper-intensive processes become systematic and beneficial for companies, and many of our clients have used the added speed and adaptability as a competitive differentiator. Our Field Ticket Management system is just one example of both a software modernization effort and an agility and compliance boost for our client.

We believe many companies could benefit from software modernization. Are you taking the long way around or using outdated software practices because you just don’t feel you can make a change right now? While the below quote, from Tony Barbeau, Kodak’s General Manager for Document Imaging, refers to Kodak’s new solution, wouldn’t you like to say this for your own company?

“Info Activate Solution represents a significant milestone…its scalable framework will enable IT administrators and software developers to more easily design, deploy, and maintain an enterprise-wide capture system to support workforce collaboration.”

Let Entrance help get you started on the right path. Not sure where to start? Download our Application Modernization Guide today!

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