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SharePoint Consulting for Oil and Gas: Integrating GIS Maps

SharePoint Consulting Streamlines GIS Mapping

In our SharePoint consulting work, we see opportunities every day for oil and gas companies to streamline their operations and make information easier to find. For upstream companies, the insight that can be gained from geographic information systems (GIS) is well worth the effort of implementation.

One Entrance client was utilizing GIS maps in order to communicate different kinds of information, like active operating wells or total number of leases. Each map was published as a web application with its own link.

Employees had to keep track of many different URL’s, which was not very user friendly. We were hired to consolidate these stand-alone apps into SharePoint where they would be more easily accessible.

A Simple SharePoint Interface

This E&P client now is able to access all of their GIS maps from one central location. The SharePoint interface is very simple, which minimizes the number of clicks required to get to the right information.

Geographic information system with SharePoint consultingOnce they find the map they need, employees can zoom in the company’s wells, like the illustration to the left. They can then click a well to get specific data, like the operator, API, or well number. If need be, they can also print the map or bookmark specific wells.

Another benefit of the SharePoint interface is that administrators can easily manage security and permissions. One employee may not need access to every GIS, and this is very easy to manage within the platform.

IHS Energy Map Services

In addition to the company specific GIS, Entrance also integrated IHS Energy Maps with SharePoint. As an example, employees can then overlay IHS maps for all active O&G wells in the US with their GIS map for all active company prospects.

Since the IHS Energy Maps is a subscription service, these maps are automatically updated, which saves our client time and ensures that the maps are accurate.

Saving Time with SharePoint Tools

The current SharePoint tool is already making our client’s employees jobs easier. Coming additions will allow employees to search for a specific well API on a map.

We also will be adding the capability to link associated documents with a well, such as the lease agreement or operation reports. This will further improve the one-stop shop capabilities of this tool.

Read this blog post to find out more about how business tools like SharePoint can improve productivity for upstream.

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