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SharePoint for Windows 8 and Phones: How could this increase productivity?

Microsoft announced today that they are getting close to releasing an application that will allow users to get updates on the people and documents they follow through the SharePoint Newsfeed. A preview of it is already available today for Windows phone users. Windows 8 users will also soon have an app that will allow them to use SharePoint and save content for offline use.

“We are looking to further pivot to a devices and services world in a more unified way,” said Microsoft VP Jeff Teper. says this is a “reflect[ion of] Microsoft’s new emphasis on remaking itself as a devices and services company, an evolution of its software and services charter.”

These new applications also appear to point to time savings for users, as they would be able to access their company’s SharePoint information on the fly, not just when they are at their desks in the office. The app’s extension of the Sharepoint work space  also  could help make a better case for Windows 8 enterprise use, at least for some companies. You can read the entire article here.

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