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SharePoint Consulting for Oil & Gas Service: Dashboards

Transforming Workflows with SharePoint Consulting

For many oil and gas service companies, the many moving pieces of daily operations can be smoothed with SharePoint consulting. One such Entrance client took advantage of this with a dashboard that tracks work throughout the entire lifecycle.

SharePoint was an ideal solution for the dashboard as a result of built-in capabilities like workflows, forms, approvals, and document management.

Getting Started with Dashboards

The main benefit of this new tool for our service client is that it helps prevent order errors. The sales team starts out by filling out a form. A sales engineer then does a technical review to make sure everything is correct.

SharePoint consulting and dashboardsRelevant documents for the order are attached, and then it is forwarded to the building team for approval. Following approval, the order flows into the dashboard for processing.

Each order also has a build sheet, where necessary components for the job are listed. As the order tracks towards completion, its status can be updated, which also shows up on the dashboard.

Another nice benefit is that the complete process is done on one web page, which minimizes unnecessary clicks and re-loading pages.

Preventing Errors with SharePoint Consulting

A significant problem previous to the dashboard was operators going to the field with the wrong tool. Since oversight and approval is involved with each step along the way, order errors have now been reduced.

For a fairly small investment, this service company also now has much more insight into their business. Analyzing how long the sales process takes or what the total order fulfillment time is are important metrics that can improve the overall satisfaction of customers.

So far, the client is so happy with the solution that they are looking to expand it from North America only to global.

For more on how SharePoint consulting and dashboards can improve your process and increase visibility, check out this blog post!

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