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SharePoint for Upstream: Branding

How can SharePoint branding help my company?

Sharepoint branding is important for all businesses in the oil and gas sector, because matching the site to your company’s look, feel, and workflow can improve utilization. Most SharePoint sites contain a lot of important information that goes to waste if that site is not user friendly.

So what is Sharepoint branding exactly? At a high level, it means that you are using the image you’ve chosen for your business to customize your site and assert ownership over how it is used. Here’s what you need to know about Sharepoint branding to help you get started.

Branding Benefits

SharePoint Branding: Before and AfterSharepoint branding brings several benefits to the table. You can personalize your site so it reflects the goals and principles of your oil and gas business, as well as your philosophies. Your Sharepoint site will have the look and feel of your company, so it is uniquely yours.

In addition, creating an easy to use website makes information more accessible to users. Even iPad or mobile users can access a well organized portal using the SharePoint app, which can also improve utilization even more.

A few things to think about when you consider branding a SharePoint site:

  • How many clicks does it take to get to the information people need?
  • What aspects of your brand are unique to your company that should be incorporated into the site?
  • What functionality do you need to provide to make people want to use SharePoint? Don’t just assume you know- ask actual users!


There are several levels of Sharepoint branding customization available to you, and a Sharepoint consultant can help you choose a level that is right for you SharePoint Branding: Levelsand your business goals. The basic level allows you to add your business logo and change colors to meet your needs.

Moving up to the intermediate tier, you can choose from multiple templates and design templates to further customize your Sharepoint site and make it more unique to your company. And finally, at the highest level, you can add dialogs and sub-menus to add more information and visual appeal.

Sharepoint branding can sound like a difficult concept, but it’s very simple. A Sharepoint expert will be cognizant of your business goals and then help drive your company towards the best plan for accomplishing this.

By extending your branding campaign to your Sharepoint site, you will improve the user experience for your employees. Knowing that the site is easy to use and that the information they need can easily be found means that they will come back again and again.

For more on this topic, check out three reasons to care about internal SharePoint site branding.

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