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SharePoint Utilization Makes a Difference for ROI

SharePoint is an investment for your company. If you don’t think of it that way, consider the difference it can make for business collaboration, document management, compliance and more. A recent survey says that SharePoint is being utilized by 86.3% of companies with 5000 employees or more. But end user satisfaction is only about 50%. So where is the gap there?

One big way your company can achieve ROI and reap the benefits of  SharePoint is by improving  employee uptake. Even at a SharePoint consulting company like Entrance, we have to put a concerted effort into making sure our non-SharePoint experts understand how it is set up, why they should use it and how to leverage the available tools for their benefit.

A lot of companies have SharePoint, and the IT staff maybe just assume that people will figure out how to use it, but it’s just not so! Take the time to train your users and adoption will follow because they see the value of using this business tool.

Another thing to consider as you encourage employees to utilize SharePoint is that one user may have very different needs than another. For example, as a marketing person, I want to know how to store and tag my documents so I can find them again, in addition to making finished collateral available to sales while hiding unfinished pieces until they are complete. One of our consultants, by contrast, may want to know how to organize client information efficiently and set up task notifications for a project. So if you hold training sessions, don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach!

Our awesome consultants have written about improving SharePoint adoption and calculating SharePoint ROI:

For more on “herding your flock” to SharePoint, check out this post. To find out more about SharePoint ROI go here!

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