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Software & Application Development
Best Practices Checklist

Proven Processes & Plan Templates to Reduce Cost & Build Securely

The right software development process and plan can save you up to 40% in cost
and resource time. To benefit from this you need a set of templates and best practices
that are proven to drive results.

Our Software Development Guide Includes:

  • Development process checklist

  • Software design & security best practices

  • How to audit for common vulnerability and performance issues

  • A process checklist template for agile software development

  • Android & iOS mobile app development guidelines

  • A project template providing you with guidelines

    to help you stay on track and on budget

  • And more

We were dealing with a complex software project with a tight deadline. Nate and his team were able to digest the project quickly and make numerous suggestions…

…When I am in charge I will pick Nate and his team.

Daniel Weiss

Customer service and ability to handle situations as they arise! Great work! THANK YOU!

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Excellent Experience with the process and the Delivery.

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