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SQL Server 2005 End-Of-Life: Where Do We Go from Here?

SQL Server 2005 has been around for over a decade but will shortly end its existence as a supported Microsoft database product. The end of extended support for SQL Server 2005 is April 12, 2016. The associated development tool, Visual Studio 2005, also goes off support at the same time.

The end of “extended support” in Microsoft parlance means that the product is no longer maintained, including the release of new security-related updates. So, if bugs or even major security holes are discovered in SQL Server 2005 then your organization may be exposed to excessive risk.

The good news is that Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2014 are available (and soon SQL Server 2016) so your databases can be upgraded and your apps can continue to run on a supported platform. Microsoft Data Platform Partners such as Entrance are certified by Microsoft on the SQL Server platform and are well-positioned to assist you in mitigating any risks related to the deprecation of older SQL Server versions. Entrance recommends a short assessment be performed to determine your level of exposure to SQL Server 2005 in your organization and from that assessment an action plan can be quickly put in place.

SQL Server consists of many component services beyond just the Database:

Does your organization rely on these services as well? Your exposure to the SQL Server platform may be greater than you realize at first glance.

If you have an app built on SQL Server 2005, then it may be behind on the Microsoft technology platform in other areas, such as .NET Framework. For example, .NET Framework 2.0 reaches end-of-life at the same time as SQL Server 2005. You may want to also evaluate the need for an overall app modernization project. Entrance is a specialist in app modernization and we can help you take your app to the next level.

Whether it’s a straight-forward SQL Server upgrade or a more comprehensive data platform refresh, make sure you consult an expert Microsoft Partner to deliver your users apps for the modern enterprise.

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