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The time is now to upgrade to SharePoint 2010

If you are using SharePoint 2007 or older, and are wondering whether and when you should upgrade, the answer is a resounding “Yes and now!”  Microsoft is advertising an end to mainstream support for Share Point Server 2007 on October 9, 2012.  As outlined by Microsoft’s support policy this means the end of non-security relates fixes (unless you pay for an extended agreement), non-charge incident support, warranty claims, and design changes and feature requests.

Upgrading is easier than it sounds:

Many other compelling arguments can be made for upgrade to SP 2010 software, such as the upgrade process itself.  An upgrade project on a major system can be a daunting challenge.  However, there are many flexible upgrade options and various paths to an upgrade. A smart idea from Microsoft; the easier it is to upgrade, the easier it is to sell the product!  As with any major change to an IT system, due diligence and planning must be followed to ensure data integrity and minimize downtime to the enterprise.  To give you a sense of what to expect: For a small scale two server system, an upgrade project can be accomplished in a week or less with actual user downtime at less than an hour.

And SharePoint 2010 is worth the switch:

Of course, another reason to upgrade is the product itself.  SP 2010 has greatly matured with respect to SharePoint 2007.  Many of the complaints about the 2007 product have been addressed and new features added which makes the platform even more capable of delivering value.  PerformancePoint has been integrated to provide more Business Intelligence capability, external data can now be read and modified from SP software using the new Business Connectivity Service (formerly BDC).  The ribbon has been introduced, providing a consistent user experience for those familiar with the Office suite as well as many other features.

Don’t be the last person on Share Point 2007 island, if you are considering an upgrade your time is now!

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