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Top 5 Mobile App Trends for 2016

The proliferation of mobile apps will only grow in 2016. Are you up to speed on the latest trends in mobile app development? Here are some key mobile app trends that you should keep in mind in 2016.

  1. Cloud-based

    Cloud service offerings such as the Azure App Service from Microsoft, provide a launching pad to accelerate your mobile app development. Furthermore, once launched they provide the flexibility you need to operate your app at variable (hopefully increasing!) scale. Beyond just Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), cloud services enable rapid app development via API-based services for key mobile app components such as single sign-on and push notifications.

  2. Enterprise apps

    While consumer apps tend to be the focus when one thinks about mobile apps, enterprise apps are continuing to grow their share of the app pie. Gartner reports that demand for enterprise apps will grow well beyond IT organizations’ capacity to deliver – approximately 5 times faster than IT’s ability to deliver! You need to help to achieve your objectives; talk with Entrance about how we can partner to help you deliver more, more quickly.

  3. App integration

    Integration is always a challenge but yet very achievable with today’s technology tools. Integration is increasingly “table stakes” in app development as the most interesting enterprise apps tend to bring together data and features from multiple other systems. As your users increasingly expect things to be “easy” and data to be quite literally at their fingertips, systems integration must be a first-class citizen on your app project. Consider leveraging a middleware platform to ease the pains of integration.

  4. HTML5 “hybrid” apps

    The HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript stack is already recognized by Gartner as the preferred technology stack for building mobile apps. Expect to continue to see more and more apps deployed using this technology, especially for enterprise apps. The “hybrid” approach delivers the desired user experience while promoting overall maintainability of the solution, thereby maximizing the value of time of the implemented solution.

  5. Security

    Gartner reports that mobile apps fail basic security tests at an alarming rate of more than 75%! As more and more data is exchanged via mobile apps the risks continue to mount. For enterprise apps, it is all the more concerning as your business’s proprietary data could be at risk. Mobile devices today typically have real-time access to all the same data that you have access to on your desktop in the office. When it comes to security, a robust test plan is critical to ensuring no vulnerabilities exist.


Keep these mobile app trends at the forefront as you embark on mobility projects in 2016 and remember to give Entrance a call to find out how we can accelerate your enterprise app project.

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