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The oil and gas industry is in the midst of yet another data explosion from information intensive horizontal drilling, digital oil fields, and M&A activities.

Like the hydrocarbons we seek to extract and produce, the information we acquire and generate ends up trapped under layers of organizational infrastructure.

Each department has processes for managing their own information, and these barriers keep crucial lease, drilling, production, and budget data isolated from other systems and departments in the company.

Studies show that, on average, your highest paid employees lose 13 hours of productivity each week just trying to find and manipulate the data the need to do their jobs.

As hydraulic fracturing releases trapped hydrocarbons from shale, Entrance helps you “Frac Your Data” to increase the flow of information across your company, connecting and integrating your critical business systems.

With findable content, repeatable process, analytics in context, and collaboration across teams, you can generate actionable insights for faster, more accurate decision-making.

If information is your greatest untapped resource, we can help you turn it into your best performing asset.

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