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Visual Studio 2012 update 2 released

Visual Studio 2012 update 2 was released yesterday and it contains a variety of new features that I thought might be notable to some of you. In particular:

  • Microsoft Fakes (powerful test mocking framework) now available at the VS Premium edition level
  • Coded UI support for SharePoint 2013 applications
  • Coded UI support for IE 10
  • Various usability enhancements to Test Explorer (test playlists, organizing lists, etc)
  • Blue theme (previously available with a special extension) – this theme makes VS2012 feel slightly more like VS2010
  • New web tools including Web API and real-time communication using ASP.NET SignalR
  • A variety of improvements have been made to TFS ALM features:
    • Kanban board customizable columns
    • Work item tagging
    • Web-based access to test case management tools: users can now author, edit, and execute test cases through the web portal

You can find out more about this release on Microsoft’s website. Check out some of our other tricks and updates from Entrance’s software consultants here!

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