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What is a software audit?

One of our software consulting offerings to our clients is a software audit, but this term may not mean a whole lot to you. I’d like to share some thoughts on what an audit is, and why you might want to consider one if your business owns proprietary programs or custom software applications.

What is it?

When Entrance performs a software audit, we examine code, often for a web application. We look for amateur development or code inconsistencies that raise red flags about the quality and longevity of the code system. Other factors besides quality include overall cleanliness, ease of maintenance, and security. Audits generally only take one to two weeks to complete.

Other reasons to consider an audit depend on the history of the software’s development and the business in which it is used. Does the software appear to be old or use out of date conventions or technology? Does the software have many bugs? Does the software frequently crash? Is the data in your software reliable and accurate?

You may have concerns about the performance of the software. Does the software seem to run much more slowly than other software? Is it difficult and time consuming to perform simple or common tasks? You may also have concerns because your existing software development provider may no longer be available or able to meet your needs.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to performing a software audit:

-A measurable (quantitative) objective quality score
-Basic technical documentation to help ensure business continuity

-Answer commonly asked questions, such as:
-Can I commercialize my software (i.e., sell it to others)?
-Should I continue to invest in my current software?
-Is my software good?
-Is it time for a “rewrite” or a “rethink?”

The cost

The cost to audit a software application is typically between 1% and 5% of the total cost to develop it. This may be a very small price to pay for the documentation it provides and the questions that it answers. The results of an audit may save you additional dollars going forward by allowing you to change course before committing to additional expenditures.

For more, sign up for a software audit today!

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