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Taking the Guesswork Out of Budget Analysis

One major area of vulnerability for most organizations is the potential for project costs to overrun because of poor budget estimates, spend tracking, and budget analysis reporting.

If this isn’t something you’ve already started to address, you’re behind the curve.

Download this eBook to learn how advances in big data & analytics make it easier (and cheaper) than ever before to identify and manage project cost overruns before they become a major problem for you and your team.


Deeper Insights Provide Better Results

Companies that hope to thrive (or just survive) need to adopt a culture of cost control based on new ways of thinking as well as new tracking tools and technologies for budget analysis.

This eBook covers 7 budgeting pitfalls in your organization’s current budget analysis system, and provides 4 real-world examples of dashboard-driven budget management for the following:


Failure to control supplemental spending will eat into your ROI, and hurt your company’s ability to attract future capital. Scrutinize every dollar to demonstrate the highest possible operating efficiency.

This eBook will show you how to save time with high-level dashboards that highlight how current and historical spend by project, region, and location are tracking against their plans.

Read more on page 25 of the eBook.


It can be an all-consuming process to track down all the different spreadsheets and reports you need to manage capex funding risk and ensure that large capital projects meet their internal rate of return estimates.

This eBook will show you how to build an intuitive visual tool to ensure that project accounting is current and accurate and identify which budgets present the highest risk.

Read more on page 30 of the eBook.


When you are responsible for the cost and performance of your regional assets, it is essential that you have the data you need to monitor and correct the performance of the regional managers in your fields.

This eBook will show you how to use dashboard-driven budget management to get a field’s-eye-view that will provide useful insight to alleviate many of your most common challenges.

Read more on page 36 of the eBook.


Creating estimates and managing projects is a complicated process. With so many moving pieces and costs to track for each well, creating an accurate cost estimate can require as much engineering as the well itself.

This eBook will show you how to get a snapshot view of the current performance of your entire project, and use diagnostic tools to estimate costs in near real time.

Read more on page 42 of the eBook.

If you want to learn how to link disparate systems containing budget analysis data to get granular details, manage by exception, enhance what you already have, take quick action to prevent spiralling costs, and provide better KPI tracking across your entire organization, grab your copy of this eBook today by filling out the form below.

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