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We attended TIPRO this past week, and the discussions here have confirmed a lot of what we are hearing from our clients. In the video below, Entrance Software’s president, Nate Richards, shares a few thoughts on one particular issue, getting the right talent to develop oil and gas software. Click the image below for the full video or read an excerpt here:

Play“We’re at TIPRO today, the 56th annual conference in Dallas. And a comment made by several of the speakers is the challenge with hiring experienced personnel across their organizations. Something that we see a lot is that it’s a challenge hiring software engineers, project managers, and systems engineers that understand oil and gas. This is a big problem in the IT space, which is one of the key departments serving a modern oil and gas company – bringing that information to the right decision makers. Our teams of experienced software engineers understand what a well is. They understand an asset lifecycle in a modern E&P firm. And they understand what is important with respect to Data Management and Process and People.”

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Nate Richards
Nate has over 18 years of software engineering and consulting experience. He founded Entrance in 2003. Nate is the past President of the Board of LifeHouse Houston, a Christ-centered maternity home ministry, and is past Executive committee member and Treasurer of Houston Achievement Place, a foster care and social skills training non-profit organization.
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