Cloud-based analytics; Power BI.

3 Reasons to Take Another Look At Power BI In 2020

When Power BI premiered in 2014, the excitement was palpable. Finally, businesses had a cloud-based business intelligence solution they could leverage to gain insight into structured and unstructured data.

That initial enthusiasm was quickly dampened, however. Users found Microsoft’s business analytics tool a challenge to navigate. It was bug-ridden, had a complicated UI, and dashboards were difficult to configure. Plus, the desktop installation was anything but …Read More

7 Ways Mobile-Based Education Apps Are Changing How Students Learn

Digital learning is more relevant than ever. Laptops, cellphones, and tablets have become an intrinsic part of the student experience. In 2017, 94.3% of students (aged 3-18) had access to smartphones at home. Many also had access to laptops (83.3%) and tablets (77.9%). Concurrently, the U.S. government launched initiatives to increase broadband access to schools. The result? A 58% increase in school districts with high-speed …Read More

Manufacturing web portals.

Manufacturing Web Portals: Their Uses and Capabilities

More than ever, manufacturers face increasing challenges in a dynamic marketplace. To differentiate from competitors, many have taken steps to transform the user experience for customers and suppliers. In particular, enterprise-wide manufacturing web portals have been critical in connecting people and platforms.

Still, it’s vitally important to note the difference between intranet web pages and web portals.
Websites Versus Web Portals
According to Techopedia, “A website is a collection …Read More