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Working with a bespoke software development company doesn’t have to be complicated.
With an experienced development team by your side, you can improve your company’s efficiency, steal market share, and grow or scale at any time.

What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software is software made specifically to suit particular business requirements. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, custom software is more efficient, better supported, and highly adaptive.

At Entrance Consulting, we take on bespoke software development projects of various complexity. Our experienced team of qualified developers works closely together with your representatives to ensure 100% satisfaction with the final product.

The key benefits of choosing custom software development
over off the shelf software include:

  • Lifetime support from the bespoke development team vs the possibility of discontinued support.
  • Ability to integrate bespoke solutions as per your business needs and add only the required features designed specifically for your exact requirements.
  • Possibility to add functionality to the bespoke app as your company needs change or cutting edge technologies emerge.
  • Full control of added functionality to your bespoke solution without the need to worry about licensing.
  • A competitive edge over other businesses that don’t have access to bespoke application development.

Overall, bespoke software is like custom clothing. While off-the-shelf suits may look fine, they never fit as perfectly as bespoke business suits do.

Taking advantage of custom tailored software can help your business stay on top of the other companies and improve its bottom line.

Our Bespoke Software Development Services

At Entrance, we can help you obtain top-notch bespoke software solutions for your business. Our dedicated team offers the following set of services aimed at achieving 100% satisfaction.

Mobile application development

Mobile applications are a significant part of success in many industries, including oil & gas, manufacturing, and healthcare. When you decide to take full advantage of mobile development and mobile apps, our professional team is here to help.

Bespoke web development

Bespoke web applications can help your company meet a variety of goals. These apps can also improve employee satisfaction by giving your team members comprehensive access to data on the go. We assist with creating customer portals that play a major role in customer satisfaction for many companies.

Even though everyone is currently online, offline apps are highly important for many industries, especially oil & gas since drilling sites are often in remote locations. We build bespoke mobile software that can work without an internet connection.

Cloud app development

With cloud technologies becoming an important part of business processes across the world, adding cloud applications to your technology stack is an excellent way to improve your company’s efficiency. At Entrance, we specialize in cloud app and software development for your company’s needs.

Windows bespoke software development

Working in the Windows environments is often essential to fulfilling your business needs. From automation to modernization, we handle all the aspects of bespoke software development in Windows. Even though Windows apps aren’t as popular as they used to be, they are great for improving the customer experience for clients who prefer this OS over other options.

SaaS applications are highly popular in many industries that need mobile online commercial software to be available online 24/7. SaaS apps are an excellent addition to your current software offering, helping you increase the satisfaction of your target audience. They can also replace your legacy systems and take the company to a new level.

Overall, at Entrance, we are developing bespoke software solutions of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a perfect solution that can increase productivity for your company, you need bespoke software services.

Why you should choose bespoke software for your company?

The benefits of custom software development are overwhelming.  When you hire a software development company to work on your application, you take a huge step toward improving business efficiency.

By answering the following questions, you can figure out whether you are ready for bespoke software solutions:

  • Is your team overwhelmed with repetitive tasks?
  • Do you buy new off-the-shelf apps every time you need additional functionality?
  • Is your technology stack inflated?
  • Are all the programs you work with easily integrated with each other?
  • Does your current software solve all business problems?
  • Are your employees happy with your current software?
  • Does your software spending feel out of control?

If you are spending too much on off-the-shelf solutions that don’t offer comprehensive assistance and take a toll on your employees, you are ready to start working with a custom software development company.

Our Bespoke Software Development Process

Our custom software development process is unique for each client. We work closely with each company to evaluate its needs and come up with the best bespoke solution.

  • Understanding the company’s requirements
  • Analysis of company’s requirements
  • Architectural and technical design
  • Coding and development
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Quality assurance
  • Support

We stay in contact with our clients throughout the entire process to make changes if necessary. Our development methods are flexible enough to ensure full satisfaction while maintaining top custom software integrity.

Why Choose Entrance?

Entrance is one of the leading bespoke software development companies in Houston, Dallas, and Denver. Our unique approach to bespoke development coupled with highly experienced professionals allows us to provide top-notch results to companies across many industries.

Industry expertise that we’ve gained over the past decades helps dive straight into the development process without taking the time to study industry requirements.

If you want a detailed, professional, and unique approach to bespoke app development, we are here to help.

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