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Asset Data Management for Differentiation

A Case Study in Asset Data Management

Asset Management software will help Entrance’s customer add value to their own clients by storing asset-related documents, work schedules, and anomaly reports in an easily-accessible location. Entrance Software developed an web application that served as a marketing demonstration and as the focal point for soliciting funding, ideas, and enthusiasm for a full application to be developed at a later date.

 The Problem

Our client has a vision for a web-based delivery system for its services that not only adds value to existing services, but also generates additional revenue for the company while serving as a differentiator in the marketplace. The client has a strong operations background in the industry, specializing in offshore integrity-related structural engineering work, specifically relating to the oil and gas industry. However, seeking an expertise in software development, they needed a technology partner who could both advise the design and execute the implementation of management’s vision.

The Solution

Entrance took the vision provided by our client’s Subject Matter Experts and, over the course of several months, turned their abstract ideas into a functioning application. We were able to bring ideas to the table and functionality they had not previously thought of that greatly improved the application’s marketability and presented a “modern” appearance to the software. Our client is now in talks with one of the world’s largest oil companies to use the application in their day-to-day operations.

  •  Asset Tracking View and track assets, including vessel particulars, drawings, regulatory permits, technical reports and master inspection plans
  • Inspection Info Track inspection plans, inspection details, work packs and inspection results including photos / video
  • Anomalies Track anomaly reports, resolution info and photos / video
  • Documents Access to documents including Inspection

Plans, Technical Reports, Permits and drawings

  • Knowledge Management: Entrance offers corporate alerts, downloadable toolkits and workbooks, contractor info, a lessons learned database, design standards, FSIM guidelines and FSIM group contacts

Entrance’s customer now has a functioning system they are able to show existing and potential clients as a way to differentiate them from their competition and to add value to their existing services. The proof-of-concept has been very well received and fills a niche that is currently void in the marketplace.

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