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Process Optimization through Data Management

Improving Efficiency with Data Management

Our customer is a foreign government-owned producer of oil and gas (NOC) with US offices located in Houston, Texas. With more than 60 producing off-shore wells, they are a mid-sized producer that is poised to grow rapidly.

The Problem

Each year, the Gulf of Mexico division brings many new prospects from the E&P stage to drilling and production. This process involves multiple departments and multiple people in each department, each of whom have vital tasks that must be completed before a well is ready to drill.

As the number and complexity of projects in the Gulf of Mexico increased, the Houston-based offices required a system to track and monitor projects to ensure that all tasks were completed before drilling could begin. Existing solutions based on Microsoft Project did not scale to track project status for an entire company, or were too complicated for employees whose jobs do not involve day-to-day project management.

The Solution

Entrance worked closely with our client’s portfolio managers to develop a project tracking system that would be used by all employees. The application itself, OpsTrack, is administered by the Portfolio Management department who are tasked with monitoring the overall portfolio of projects.

Tasks and deliverables are broken down by department and project, to provide an instant overview of the company’s total project portfolio. Departments that have completed all their tasks for a given project are shown in green, while departments that have not completed all their tasks are shown in red. The company established a Stage Gate process through which to drive projects, which allowed for a defined lifecycle.

OpsTrack integrates directly with the company’ s Active Directory-based security system and permits or denies access to project details based on each employee’s role in the project: Project Manager, Department Manager, or Task Assignee. Most Users see only a few screens and reports that combine traditional reporting functions with intuitive drilldown capabilities. Most screens can be printed straight from the application without the need to run special reports or view a “print-friendly” version.

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