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Entrance Custom Software Consultants See Doubled Growth in 2013

A Growing Team of Custom Software Consultants

2013 was a landmark year for the Entrance custom software team. Some of the business accomplishments included:

  • Doubling headcount
  • Increasing revenue by 50%
  • Increasing work capacity by 50%
  • Addition of several high profile Upstream clients
  • Grew the already substantial footprint of oil and gas service company clients

A Bigger Office to Match

As the Entrance team has grown, so too has the need for office space. As a result, the footprint of the business has nearly doubled as well.Many new consultants have taken their place in what the team calls the bullpen.

Desks and cube walls can be moved around at will in this new space. This is meant to enable project teams to work together flexibly and collaboratively.

Most employees can agree that the best part of the phase two expansion is the addition of the Fishbowl. The Fishbowl features a ping-pong table, shuffle board, golf practice areas, and a soda machine, with more fun additions to come.

Company growth is projected to continue at similar rates. As a result, planning has already begun for phase three of the office expansion!

Great Managers for Great Teams

A growing company also demonstrates the need for more managers. In the past six months, Entrance has hired a new HR manager, a sales manager, and four new project managers.

As a result, the team can now benefit from several new skill-sets, like energy warehousing.

The need to keep employees while aggressively hiring new ones has also led to an expansion in fringe benefits. Entrance team members now enjoy a fitness room, locker room, fully stocked smoothie station, gym memberships, and healthy snack options.

Strategy to Lead the Way Forward

While every successful company relies on a little luck, a good CEO will tell you that the strategy behind explosive growth has to be sound. As such, the Entrance management team rolled out a new three year strategic plan in the second half of 2013.

In addition, the team has also developed a new 25 year vision for Entrance to become the world authority on software for the energy industry.

As Entrance closes the chapter on its first decade, the entire company looks towards even bigger and better things in the next ten years.

Said Entrance president Nate Richards, ” It’s exciting to celebrate a decade of successful business! Our success so far really feels like the beginning of the next chapter.”

For more on the growing Entrance team, read this post about quarterly goal celebrations!

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