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Oil and Gas Software: Real-Time Information Improves Collaboration

SCADA and Oil and Gas Software

Providing upstream SCADA information systems with near real time field metrics using oil and gas software is essential to the efficient management of shale gas exploration and development.  Rapid, informed response to fast changing dynamics across multiple upstream sites requires reliable source data capture and quick availability.

Oil and Gas Software: Data CaptureDistributed information systems utilizing remote sensor data permit field staff to identify and intervene in real time, collaborating, and managing proactively through an array of fixed and mobile devices.

The falling cost of information technology has brought modern field data capture well within the reach of even the smallest production company.  Mobile technology is quickly supplanting traditional field data collection methods, such as grease books and paper-based systems, giving way to tablets, laptops and handhelds.

Field data entered at its source and transmitted directly into databases has eliminated expensive manual processes with their attendant transcription errors, and enabled timelier responses and shared operational decision making.

Failure alerts and downtime data, wellhead pressures and temperatures, equipment status, run tickets, and the associated event comments, are but some of the key data modern field management software makes available in almost real time across far-flung sites.

Eliminating Manual Data Collection

Any real time field data capture system must fulfill certain criteria if it’s to be the fulcrum for expediting surveillance and reducing downtime: It has to lessen or eliminate manual data collection, which is a costly waste of time and human resources.

It has to reliably and immediately alert the upstream team to all levels of operational issues of concern to them. A robust field data capture system has to be capable of remote operation, to reduce costs and increase safety.

Lastly, it must be a system that has proven its worth in optimizing production through the accuracy and timeliness of data that can be disseminated for shared intelligence.

eVIN software from Merrick goes beyond these basic requirements, enabling users to expand upon core functionality to identify and track data down to the granularity of a single data element within multiple operational domains, such as chemical usage, lease loss risks, environmental and safety operating parameters and  weather.

Reminders are easily set to enter key data such as well tests and maintenance requirements. With eVIN, production is easily monitored. Data can be shared between multiple devices — mobiles, office desktops or laptops—with the information displayed through the same well-designed user interfaces to facilitate shared discussion and decision making.

eVIN acquired data isn’t boundaried by the original operational data silos in which it first resides.  It can be shared across an enterprise and is easily migrated to back office business systems and can serve as an integral part of an integrated business intelligence system’s advanced data migration and management capability.

To see how oil and gas software can help bring together all the data you need and improve collaboration, check out this case study… 

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