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Why Do Millennials Hate My App?

Millennial app usage is rising in corporate America. Today, over 50% of Millennial-owned businesses have a mobile app, which they leverage to gain a competitive advantage and increase sales volumes. In this post, we explain why this trend matters.

For decades, Baby Boomers were the driving force of the American economy. But, in light of COVID-19, Boomer retirements have accelerated at an alarming rate.

Despite the trend, economists see little cause for concern. They maintain that the millennial worker may well make up for the labor gap. As of 2017, there are 56 million millennials in the workforce, eclipsing both Baby Boomers (41 million) and Generation X (53 million).

As a group, millennials have distinct preferences when it comes to jobs. Not surprisingly, as the first generation to welcome the advent of a digital world, they tend to gravitate toward tech careers. Thus, understanding this demographic is the key to creating quality web apps for the changing American workforce.

Why the Millennial Voice Matters

Conversations about technology in the workforce often revolve around the idea of adoption. There are reams of data analyzing the attitudes of Baby Boomers and their adoption of new technologies over the years.

However, the rising influence of millennials has precipitated a shift away from topics of adoption. As mentioned, millennials are the first generation to grow up alongside emerging tech. To the millennial, a workplace environment infused with digital tools and mobile devices is par for the course.

According to the Pew Research Center, these technologies are so entrenched in millennial life that 93% own a smartphone and 100% rely on the internet in their daily routines. The millennial voice matters precisely because they are technologically savvy and they are the heart of our economy.

App Development From the Millennial Point of View

Shifts in millennial app use — at least in broad strokes — are easy to predict. They seem driven by social media and mobile gaming trends.

However, millennials also use apps for purposes other than recreation. For example, they are the predominant users of web and mobile personal finance apps. With high student loan debt (perhaps the highest of any generation), millennials also love price-comparison apps for travel and lodging.

The rise of fintech is largely driven by millennials, who prefer relying on apps for personal budgeting than making an appointment with a financial advisor. While it’s hardly a smoking gun, these preferences demonstrate that millennials prize the versatility of apps in both their personal and professional lives.

The Dominance of Millennials in the B2B Buying Process

A long-running commentary on millennials is that they want to feel like they are making a difference in the world they live and work in. While that assessment is often taken to hyperbolic extremes, it contains an important truth for app developers.

Millennial employees value inclusion. Nearly 73% of millennials participate in corporate decision-making, especially in the area of technology procurement.

These hyper-connected employees value the adaptability of emerging tech and appreciate having their voices heard in the workplace.

The Importance of Communication

But, what does the average millennial want? When it comes to tech solutions in the workplace, they want to be able to communicate and collaborate with ease.

Millennials see technology as a great equalizer. Daily, they share stories, images, and their opinions on comment threads across dozens of social media platforms.

At best, commenting is a way to share reviews on everything from restaurants to workforce culture. Millennials have come to expect seamless communication in corporate America, hence the rise of platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

The (Equal) Importance of Innovation

Millennials also crave innovation. For this generation, disruptive technology is the norm. Over their lifetime, there have been multiple shifts realigning core facets of our entire economy. Lately, these shifts have been compounding in scope.

With a near-infinite number of apps on the market, millennials have come to rely on their adaptability and versatility. They expect the same leeway from B2B apps, as well. The ability to approach problems creatively is central to the millennial philosophy.

Work With Entrance to Build the Perfect Millennial App

Creating an app that speaks to millennials is a balancing act, but it’s essential for companies to take their needs and opinions into consideration. Making an app that millennials respond to depends as much on making it functional as it does on injecting a sense of community and innovation into the final product.

Custom web apps are a quick and adaptable way to get new software into the hands of your workforce. With rapid deployment times and a high level of customization available, Entrance’s web apps are designed to fill the needs of younger professionals. To learn more about our services, please visit us at our website.

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