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A group from Entrance volunteering at the Joy School
Winner of last year’s pumpkin carving contest!


Serving others is becoming more of a primary focus for me, I appreciate that I can apply this in both my personal and professional lives.
July 6, 2016
We have to trust and depend on each other daily, which creates a bond. I like how when there is an issue, the team jumps to a resolution instead of playing the blame game.
June 13, 2016
I think we’ve got a pretty great team, and am excited about where we will be as a company at the end of the year.
June 9, 2016
When someone needs help, there is always someone willing to step up and offer assistance however they can. It has never ceased to amaze me how much people here seem to genuinely care about their coworkers as people.
June 2, 2016
Having open communication is great. Entrance genuinely seems interested in investing in their employees, and not just using them.
May 31, 2016
Entrance continues to provide new challenges, ongoing training opportunities, and the chance to try new things.
May 23, 2016
The level of competence is high and there is excellent camaraderie.
February 22, 2016
Entrance provides training dollars, mentoring by great managers, internal training, is not afraid to let me try new things and fail and takes me to conferences in order to help me grow. 🙂
January 28, 2016
The autonomy, flexible work hours, the culture and the people are all awesome and I think a great reason to work at Entrance.
January 27, 2016
The feedback I get always feels genuine and whether it is constructive feedback or praise, I can tell that it’s not said just for the sake of checking off the “I gave a report feedback” box.
January 18, 2016

Its very apparent they keep the well-being of their employees as the top priority. Its a great company in that regard and fosters the “want to go to work” feeling.

January 15, 2016
Every day, I have to choose between a healthy smoothie from the Entrance smoothie machine, and an enticing dessert from the constant flow of homemade cakes, brownies and pies made by employees and brought from home. It’s a good thing Entrance reimburses our gym membership!
The company encourages more than just a professional relationship. When you’re more than coworkers, you have an increased sense of accountability and that really pays off when it’s reciprocated.
I love the Yammer positive feedback system — it allows me to thank people for going above and beyond in a public capacity. I really appreciate when the executive team takes OfficeVibe and O3 feedback seriously, and spends the time to stop/start/continue behavior and process. The Manager Tools system of feedback is the best I’ve ever seen. I never go more than a few days without giving or receiving feedback, which helps me become a much better team player.
It’s great to be able to set my own hours. I typically play Mr. Mom and have to go pick up the kids
. Here I can do that and everyone is still able to accomplish a lot working together during the core hours we are here.
Every day keeps me completely on my toes. I learn something new everyday, and am challenged to step up my game from all of my intelligent and capable colleagues.
Love the work that we do and the people I work with. Enjoy learning from colleagues and about the businesses we serve.
Entrance provides a lot of opportunity for an individual to grow their skills and figure out exactly what they want to put a technical focus on.

Work @ Entrance – Come Join Our Team

The best thing about working at Entrance is our smart+fun culture. Some Entranceans say that their favorite part of our culture is state-of-the-art tools and software, and others appreciate our dedication to training and career growth.

Our consultants thrive on the challenge of providing solutions such as industry leading Sharepoint consulting services for ever-changing business needs and get satisfaction from building partnerships with our clients.

Most Entranceans appreciate the deluxe benefits, but having a stocked candy drawer and all the ice cream sandwiches you can eat sure doesn’t hurt either.  What will you like best about working at Entrance?

Our Core Values

Be Curious

Ask, “Why?” and experiment without fear of failure, driven by a thirst for learning

Find A Way

Commit unwaveringly to overcome obstacles through a spirit of resourcefulness

Improve Everything

Continuously seek opportunities to make everything better in pursuit of excellence

Serve Others

Lead by example, stewarding the best interests of others, even when they seem to run counter to your own

Have Fun

Find balance and joy by working to live, instead of living to work


We’re looking for some specific skills from applicants who want to join our consulting team.













Working at Entrance is meant to be a rewarding challenge. We’re all about learning, so we’ll “find a way” to help you develop the skills you need as long as you bring determination with you when you walk in the door!


We have been recognized as one of the fastest-growing local information technology consultancy companies by the Houston Business Journal and named one of Houston’s Best Places to Work 2012.

Health Insurance

Two options let you flex your spend vs. benefit levels, and our self-managed PPO gives us access to CIGNA’s network without the Obamacare premiums you will pay in other plans.

Dental & Vision Insurance

We also offer options for Dental and Vision with affordable premiums for parents and kids alike!

401K with matching

Entrance has offered a 401K with matching since inception – we love the idea that we are helping our teammates enrich their lives today AND tomorrow.

Flex Time

Flexible work hours with work-from-home options for every role.  You choose when you want to work from home and when you would prefer to collaborate in our shared modern workspace. We know that work is a means to an end – and your family should come first!

Ergonomic Working

We invest in Herman Miller Aeron chairs, standing desks, ergonomic keyboards, multiple monitor spreads, ergo mice… we’ve got it all so we keep you in tip top typing shape!

15 days minimum PTO

Whereas most of corporate America starts entry-level staff at 2 weeks of PTO, we have had 3 weeks minimum since day 1.


We would love to get to know you.



Since our founding in 2003, we’ve been an award-winning firm, not just for growth, but also for being a great place to work!

  • Inc 5000 - 6 time award winner!


The best teammates want to work with people who will inspire them, drive them forward, challenge them professionally, maybe even personally.  We like to think that we have some of those inspiring folks on our team, and if you love to learn, come and join us!  Our culture is the best of Smart and Fun!


Great people are at the heart of great software, so we develop and support ‘real’ people. While we value intelligence engineered for productivity, we know when and how to have fun. We support a work/life balance, and are dedicated to supporting not only our employees but our community.


We like to have fun!  We have Game Night, an F4 (First Friday Food Fest) lunch, costume parties, pot lucks, quarterly celebrations… the list goes on!  We just like to have fun, so what are you waiting for?  Join us!

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